Sunday, 8 December 2013

FEELING FESTIVE: Collaboration with Ella Sadika

I am officially the worst blogger in the history of all bloggers. 
My four month absence is a result of the very fun, very time consuming process that is adjustment to 'Big City Life'. But good posts come to followers who wait!

Recently, the lovely Ella and I collaborated on a mini photography project. And by 'collaborated', I mean we attempted to figure out lighting/props/how to set up a studio, while documenting the results on camera. 

Please be kind - it was my first time EVER in a studio (and my heart still definitely belongs to on-location, natural light photography) and also my first ever collaboration.

Photos of Ella taken by me
Photos of me taken by Ella
All edits by me

Check out Ella's edits here.
To see the Facebook set, click here.


  1. Amazing pics and you both looking absolutely gorgeous.

  2. wonderful photos!!!

  3. for your first time, these photos came out great!

  4. Gorgeous pic, love this post.
    great post! would you like to follow each other?

  5. these pictures are so magical, wow <3

  6. omg i really love it ! photos are amazing !!