Wednesday, 3 July 2013

FAIRYTALE DREAMS // Magdalene May Ball 2013

Cambridge students live for May Week. Our exam-induced nocturnal body clocks finally become helpful for something other than poring over colour-coded notes, and, despite the copious amounts of alcohol provided, May Balls are the nights that are never forgotten. 

As the only college that retains a white-tie dress code, Magdalene has a reputation as the most extravagant May Ball around, and it didn't disappoint. With free flowing champagne, unlimited edibles (in addition to the lavish 5-course meal for dining guests) and fairytale aesthetics, the night was the very definition of decadence. 


  1. Its like a dream this whole ball. from day to night, its just perfect.

  2. Oh it looks like a fairytale night :) You look so beautiful and the dress is perfect on you!

  3. Amazing dress. Such a beautiful photos! <3