Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I'm not usually one for reviews, but how can a girl say no to Cloud 9?
As the biggest rivals for GHD, there's a lot of buzz around them now and I was pretty keen to see for myself if it was worth the hype.

I'm notoriously fussy about pretty much everything to do with my hair. It's super long, super stubborn and doesn't hold any styling, so I wasn't feeling optimistic.
Enter 'The O'. 
I know, ridiculous name. Sounds downright rude. And I think the product itself can look a little intimidating (looks somewhat high tech for me) but the results are amazing.

You pop a roller into the pod (which is ready to use instantly, by the way) and 4 seconds later, boom. The roller is heated, warm in your hand but not hot enough to burn your fingers, you roll it up into your hair and you're done. Once it's in place, it gradually gets hot enough to tame even my hair, but not hot enough to damage it.

Doing my whole head with 12 rollers (though I probably needed a few more) took around 10 minutes, with another 15 minutes of cooling time during which I did my makeup/got dressed/packed my bag.

Here are the results of the first attempt:

I used a little heat protectant before putting the rollers in, but stayed away from hairspray and other products. I also didn't backcomb (I'm not patient enough to sit there for an hour and try to detangle my hair with my fingers), but check out that voluuuume. In my hair. My crazy long shall-not-be-tamed hair.

It also added a whole lot of shine (apparently Cloud 9 products all contain some weird mineral that makes hair sparkle - it does). 

Now for the painful part...

I'm a firm believer in buying the best for things I intend to use for a long time. I didn't mind splashing out on my GHDs, and I don't mind spending money on something I plan on using a few times a week (yes, I'm hooked). But it certainly doesn't come cheap.

I bought The Ultimate Set, which comes with the following:

  • The O pod
  • 12 hot rollers (3 different sizes)
  • 12 clips
  • Cloud 9 Amplify spray
  • Luxury carry case
And the whole thing retails at £199.99.
Yes, my eyes are watering a little seeing it written down like that. But I wangled a few discounts and didn't pay quite as much, so it feels more bearable. 
The set is definitely the best value (if you tried to buy everything separately, it would come to £281.55), but it's still quite dear.

  • Super fast and easy to use
  • Gentle on hair
  • Gives long lasting volume and body
  • Adds shine

  • Price!
  • Quite bulky - even with the travel case, it's a pretty big set to take around with you.


  1. Wow your hair looks amazing! I love hot rollers and my ones are coming to the end of their life. Although they are expensive it looks like they have done the job extremely well. Thank you for sharing I've never heard of this brand before :) x


  2. You did a good job, our hair look so beautiful..when you got a munute please welcome to visit my blog:)


  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! I am definitely going to look into these x

  4. First off, you are stunning! I am so in love with your hair. :)

  5. Would you recommend or say that this will work for thick, curly and course hair?

    1. You may need to purchase extra rollers and potentially use more product to get it to hold better. I have medium thick smooth wavy hair so it works well on me, but I'll try it out on my of my more unruly-haired friends and let you know! :) x

    2. Yes, I would very much appreciate the feedback. Thank you!

  6. Hi - did you ever manage to find out anything on the last commenter's question about how this works on curly hair? I am also interested in finding out and would love to know how it worked on your friends!